Ten years in the making, The Lizard Stays in the Cage is a compelling wildly entertaining examination of the artistic life as seen through the eyes of Southern Californian musician, writer and creative entrepreneur Anthony Smith. With ample doses of humor, honesty and a keen memory for detail, Smith takes the reader from his upbringing in Northern California to the 1990’s music scene in San Diego, a brief but colorful stint in LA, then onto the unpredictable roads of America, where he traveled and performed incessantly with a variety of groups including his own Global Funk Council (which logged over two hundred shows a year).

It’s a crazy, irreverent ride reminiscent of Chuck Klosterman, Hunter S. Thompson and Jack Kerouac, but delivered in a voice that belongs unmistakably to the author. A must read for anyone who loves music and the arts or who has ever thought about trying to do something creative for a living.

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