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The Lizard Stays In The Cage

Friends, I thought this day would never arrive.  I just ordered a bunch of copies of my “long-awaited” tome, The Lizard Stays in the Cage, a project that has been ten years in the making.  With the help of my lovely and supportive wife, Teena, I have started a publishing company called Next Reinvention, and Lizard is our first product!  It comes in at 711 pages, and covers a wide range of colorful experiences dating back to my childhood in Northern California.  It takes a great deal of patience and perseverance to bring a creative endeavor like this to fruition, and this is one of the themes I explore in the book:  how can artistic and creative people find their way in the world?  What are the challenges, what are the rewards?  I believe wholeheartedly in this product, which I can guarantee you will find entertaining and thought-provoking.  I hope you will support our cause and pick up a copy (or two!), if and when you are able to do so.  Thanks to all the friends, family and colleagues who make an “appearance” in the book… it has been a colorful life thus far, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to pursue what I love doing for all these years:  making music, writing, and doing anything that involves creativity and originality.  I will frequently be posting new blog entries that relate to various passages or topics from the book, so keep your eyes peeled for new stuff!  And remember… the lizard stays in the cage.

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