The Lizard Stays in the Cage

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The Lizard Stays In The Cage

Anthony Smith has written a creative, all-encompassing memoir which chronicles his colorful, thirty-year journey in the arts. In revisiting the numerous evolutions of his career as a musician, composer and aspiring writer, Anthony takes the reader on an entertaining ride through three decades of American culture, weaving in hilarious stories and hard-earned gems of wisdom. A release is planned for 2011.

Combining elements of recent “bromance” classics like “Wedding Crashers” with the more bittersweet sentiments of musician films like “The Fabulous Baker Boys” and “Almost Famous,” Anthony crafted a humorous screenplay based on his own memoir, focusing on his friendship with guitarist Dave Stark; together, the two guys weathered the ups and downs of a difficult career path throughout the nineties, trying their hand at pop songwriting, hip-hop showcases, and… uh, other questionable work opportunities that you’ll have to read about in the script, the book, or both!

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