• Thoughts on Art Tatum

    Thoughts on Art Tatum   My Dad was jazz pianist Art Tatum’s biggest fan in the fifties.  He followed Art around the jazz clubs in Los Angeles, sitting next to the large, blind man as he played solo versions of standards that, in many cases, remain the definitive jazz interpretation the material (for example, check… Read More

  • Quotes: I Could Get Used to Your Bacteria!

    Quotes are a fun, easily digestible form of entertainment.  Everyone says something funny, outrageous or occasionally even profound at some point, whether consciously or unwittingly… “It’s not every day you see a nun aggressively driving a Hummer.” “I repulse women.  They find me grotesquely unattractive.” “Mark my words.  They’re gonna make a mortar out of… Read More

  • Bathing: The Realities of Road Life

    “Hey, man, I’m really digging the music and the vibe. Thanks for the opportunity… and by the way, at what point are we going to actually bathe?” the bass player wondered.   One of the things we take for granted in life is the freedom to wash ourselves on a daily basis. Back when I… Read More